Mike Bloomfield was one of the first great blues-rock guitarists. His work on the first two Paul Butterfield albums is legendary, and cut the path for many others to follow. He went on to Electric Flag, Triumvirate, various "super groups" - that's all been well documented. What hasn't is that during the 70's when he was struggling with health and drug problems, he recorded "If You Love These Blues, Play ''Em As You Please" on the Guitar Player Magazine label. It was his heartfelt attempt to repay his own Chicago blues education, received first-hand from Muddy Waters and friends. Meant as an instructional tool, it was in addition, a stunning documentary of every sub-genre of blues and a rare musical delight. In fact, it received a Grammy nomination. (Although some tracks are available on CD, the historical content of the original LP format is what needs preserving.) He died of an overdose in San Francisco in 1981 before he could pick up his copy of this photo. He said it was his favorite.